Doctors who offer Lollipop Breast Lift in Houston, Texas

About Lollipop Breast Lift

Women with moderate breast sag—nipples that hang slightly below the breast crease—are good candidates for a lollipop lift, especially if they want firm, round, projecting breasts. This lift type reduces droop and the size of your areolas (the dark area around your nipples) while lifting the nipples higher on the chest. 

The lollipop breast lift procedure

During the up-to-three-hour outpatient procedure, an incision is made around the areolas and another from the bottom of the areolas to the breast creases. Excess breast skin is removed and tissues are shaped using internal sutures. The areolas and nipples are also positioned higher on the chest. The skin is pulled back together tightly and closed. 

Surgical tape covers the incisions and either bandages or a post-surgical bra are placed over the breasts for support. 

How the lollipop lift compares to other lift types

Crescent, Benelli, and anchor are your other lift options. 

Crescent and Benelli are best for mild sag, as the small, single incision along the areolas—either halfway or all the way around—limits how much breast tissue can be shaped and skin can be excised. But unlike the crescent technique, areolas can be resized and raised higher on the breast mound with a Benelli.  

The anchor lift is most superior and is well-suited if you have significant breast sag. Incisions made around the areolas, along the breast fold and from the bottom of the areolas to the breast crease, offer extensive reshaping and tissue/skin removal. However, the additional cut along the fold means more scars, post-op pain, and healing time. There is also a greater risk of tissue damage. 

The lollipop lift sits in the middle of these three, having only two incisions. More skin removal, tissue shaping, and nipple positioning can happen than with the crescent and Benelli, yet less than with the anchor.  

Lollipop lift recovery

You go home the same day of the procedure with your breasts supported by bandages or a post-surgical bra, which you will wear round-the-clock for 72-96 hours. A soft, wireless bra is worn for the next 3-4 weeks. 

Some patients get drainage tubes placed at the incision sites for a few days to keep fluid and blood from building up. This reduces the risk of complications. 

Rest the first few days, but short walks periodically are recommended daily to promote blood circulation and healing. Expect the height of discomfort and swelling to last for up to 2 weeks. Residual inflammation and soreness are normal afterward for a few months.  

Numbness of the breast skin, areolae, and nipples can occur and usually takes about 6 weeks to subside. Until cleared, avoid certain movements and exercises. When you can return to work depends on your occupation and rate of healing.  

Lollipop lift results 

You’ll see an immediate change in breast shape and position. Final results take months. Though your breasts will appear taut, rounder and more projected, they will be smaller than before the procedure. This is because skin is removed and breast tissue is pulled tighter.  

Incision scars are permanent just like with breast augmentation; they soften and lighten over 24 months. 

No breast lift type, including the lollipop, can add fullness or volume. You would need to combine the procedure with a breast augmentation to obtain cleavage and bigger breast size. Also, the results of a breast lift alone can fade or be reversed with a future pregnancy, significant weight loss, and hormonal changes caused by aging.