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Why doesn't my surgeon have knowledge of this information?
I previously had 450cc saline replaced with 415cc cohesive gel. My surgeon said this was an equivalent size. I feel much smaller and not as full. I decided to do my own research. Natrelle states that when you e... Read more
Are there any issues I can expect during pregnancy/breastfeeding, since I am doing my surgery prior to having kids?
I expect to start trying in about a year but would like my surgery now. What complications can I expect? Will I need to re-do them again after babies? Will there be a definite sag after breastfeeding? Or will t... Read more
I recently replaced my saline implants of 450cc. Was the sizing incorrect?
My surgeon replaced them with gel implants at 415 cc. He said these were equivalent to a 450cc saline. I’m 6 months post op they seem smaller. There was extra tisssue so he did a small mastoplexy because I wa... Read more
Why aren't my incision healing after having 4 separate surgeries, to fix the issue?
Where he took my tape off there was another, long wide black incision, with a very painful knot. There was also a strange odor coming from the incision. The last one in December had fluid pouring out. It had a... Read more
Is there a surgery to repair East and West pointing nipples?
I had a saline BA 8 years ago. 350 cc and recently went in to have a consult to remove and replace to go bigger. All these years I never realized I had East and West pointing nipples until now. He said there's ... Read more
My Mentor implants are too high 5 months post op. Can they still drop more?
I am 5 months post op from transaxillary BA with 400cc Mentor silicone. Overall I am satisfied, but my one concern is that my breasts still have a lot of upper pole fullness and don’t have that natural slope.... Read more
Is it normal after 3 weeks for one breast to be normal and the other to look twice the size of the other?
I had a BA with lift on both right and left. my right breast looks great. My left breast is swollen twice the size of the right one. I had 385cc high profile and the left is high and hard. Read more
Will my areola ever look normal again?
Breast Lift - 2 answers
Hi, I am 4 weeks post op and I still have a purplish ring around my areola. My surgeon has seen it but I didn't think to ask at the time as I thought it was perhaps pen marks. What could it be and will it fade?... Read more
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My left breast looks very swollen, hurts, and sits high two weeks after breast augmentation. Is this normal?
I had 385 cc implants placed in each breast 2 weeks ago. My right one looks normal and feels good. However, my left breast appears very swollen and hurts. It also sits really high. They are placed over the musc... Read more
Will 175 cc in one and 150 cc in the other help me achieve symmetry and perkier breasts.
I'm very petite 113 lbs and 5'4" high. My frame was 10 cm breasts. BA due to change in size and symmetry over the last year. I may plan to have one more child within a year. Not going to breastfeed. Will a preg... Read more
Implant is too close to midline and I have crooked cleavage (one breast reduced in implant/pocket size). Undo sutured pocket or switch implant?
Breast Reduction - 3 answers
I recently (6 month PO) had one breast reduced due to asymmetry. The left implant was reduced in size and had a pocket revision. Now that the implant has settled, the implant is too close to my midline (goes pa... Read more
5’6 120lbs 36A pre-operation
I received 365L 400R silicone unders. Three weeks into post-op, they are still riding high, and my breasts are still sore and stiff. Is this normal? Read more
Can implants help make my nipples even with each other?
I am receiving breast implants but my nipples are about a inch in height difference with each other. Is it possible for implants to help them even out since my breasts are 50cc in difference with volume? After ... Read more
Why are my 700cc implants only a small C cup?
About a month and a half ago I got 700cc implants. I was a 40A cup before getting the augmentation, fairly flat chested. I'm 5'7 and 200 pounds, so I'm not a petite person. I tried on these implants pre-surgery... Read more
What size will I be in a bra?
Mommy Makeover - 3 answers
I am 5ft, 180 pounds getting a mommy makeover 400cc high profile. I wear now a 38d. What size will I be in a bra post op? Read more
Is 420cc high profile nagor silicone too big for me? Should I go for 390cc high profile instead?
Hi, I am 5ft, measurements as follows: sternal notch to nipple 19cm both breasts, distance from nipple to infammary fold 5cm both breasts, Upper pole skin thickness 2cm, based width 12cm, breast height 10cm, fr... Read more
What is the appropriate time for healing when it comes to doing pull-ups with a kip? When should be an appropriate time to start doing this exercise?
I am 10wks PO, I went under. I just recently was able to feel comfortable hanging from a bar, but I can't do any sort or kipping/pull-up motion yet without a lot of discomfort. Is this normal this far out from ... Read more
I am 4 wks post BA. My nipples appear to be sitting very low and pointing downward. Will this change as I “drop & fluff”?
I have 500cc smooth implant on left, 550cc smooth implant on right placed above the muscle. My nipples were not low-lying prior to BA, or at least not as noticeably so. Read more
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