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Breast Lift Questions

I've consulted two highly qualified plastic surgeons. Each has different opinions regarding my breast lift and augmentation. Who do I choose?
Breast Lift -15 answers
I'm a mom of two breastfed children and have quite a bit of sagging and deflation as a result. I want a breast lift and augmentation (330cc). I've consulted with two highly qualified plastic surgeons. One surge... Read more
I am 5’ 4 and a US size 8-10 and have a broad chest. My surgeon wants 355cc implants. Will they be large enough?
Breast Lift -14 answers
I am a US 8-10 and 5 foot 4 inches. I have a broad frame, large 9-10 feet and hands. My Dr. wants to use 355cc implants. I feel they will be too small and not wide enough for my broad chest. What do you think? Read more
Are my breast still too low 8 weeks post op? I’m concerned I have a double bubble.
Breast Lift -12 answers
I had a Lollipop lift and Mentor Silicon HP implants 400cc on my left and 425cc on my right. I feel like my breasts are still too saggy and low 8 weeks after my lollipop lift. I stated I wanted them very high a... Read more
I had breast lift 3 weeks ago and now one is bigger than the other, what should I do?
Breast Lift -9 answers
I had 170cc gummy bear implants and lift 3 weeks ago . Left one is bigger and I don't think I had this much asymmetry before. Why would this happen, and what should I do? Read more

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