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Breast Lift Questions

I am starting to get a stinging area just under my right breast. Nothing has been pulled loose. Is that normal?
Breast Lift -2 answers
I had a breast augmentation with lift and a reduction on the right breast. The surgical glue is falling off in that area, and I just wanted to know if that was normal. When I say stinging, I mean it is a burnin... Read more
I have substandard results after a breastlift and implant exchange with internal bra and sub areolar lift. What are my options?
Breast Lift -1 answer
Will there be puckering? Does this mean I'll need another lift right away? How much does this normally cost? Read more
After a breast lift with augmentation, my implants are riding high, look kinda flat and they touch in the middle. Should I have chosen mod implants?
Breast Lift -1 answer
When my PS chose low plus profile, I was a bit concerned. I expressed my concerns and was reassured I’d get a good result so I trusted him. Now, 4 months PO I’m not thrilled. My implants ride high, look kin... Read more
Could the lift be higher or is this as high as it would go?
Breast Lift -1 answer
I had a mastopexy with augmentation on May 2, 2018. The PS put in 195cc of saline because I already had a lot of breast tissue. I was not concerned with size but more concerned with upper fullness. It has been ... Read more

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